Email Marketing Expert Dan Fagella from CLVboost Discusses Marketing Automation, Stick Rate, and ROI

On today’s show I’m going to introduce you to Dan Faggella. Dan is an expert in conversion optimization, but specifically around email marketing, so marketing automation. And his company, called CLV Boost, is all about improving your customer lifetime value.

Paid Traffic Expert Justin Brooke Shares His System For Making Traffic Profitable

On today’s show I’m going to introduce you to Justin Brooke, who’s kind of a paid traffic expert. He is the founder of IMScalable an agency that specializes in paid traffic management.

User Experience Expert Samuel Hulick Discusses Onboarding For SaaS Apps

On today’s show we’re talking to Samuel, who’s the founder of What we normally talk about is SaaS startups and growth and traffic and everything. But Samuel is an expert in user experience. What we’re going to talk about specifically is all about user onboarding for SaaS apps.

Travis Ketchum On Building Massive Leads Through Contest Domination

On today’s show we’re going to talk to Travis Ketchum, who is the founder of a company called Contest Domination. And Contest Domination is a SaaS app that enables you to create contests on your website to get thousands of leads.

Saul Fleischman Develops A Unique Way To Optimize Hashtags With RiteTag

On today’s show I’m delighted to welcome Saul Fleishman. Saul is the founder of a company called RiteTag. And RiteTag is a company that optimizes your social traffic all around hashtags. It allows you to fully optimize your hashtags so that you get the highest benefit.

Why Aren’t You On Twitter

Today I want to talk about Twitter and Twitter traffic. Are you in or are you out? If you’re not a user of Twitter, then you are missing out on a whole world of folks who are only using Twitter. With you not being in that world, then you’re missing out on a whole potential customer segment and you’re missing out on traffic and authority from that world.

Raise Your Life Time Value Through Cross Selling

Today I want to talk about cross selling and maximizing the lifetime value for your customers. So, as you know for any business online or traditional, getting the customer onboard is the hardest part. So, let’s talk about once you get a customer, how do you maximize the revenue, or the lifetime value, for that customer?

Simple And Compelling Is Digital Telepathy’s Winning Formula To Ground Breaking Design

Chuck Longanecker is the founder of Digital Telepathy. This company’s design ethos is behind some of the most ground breaking companies and personalities on the web today. He shares some amazing insights on the show.