Today I want to talk about Twitter and Twitter traffic.  Now, if you're not a user of Twitter, then you know there is a whole world of folks who are only using Twitter.  With you not being in that world, then you're missing out on a whole potential customer segment and you're missing out on traffic and authority from that world. So, whatever your view is on Twitter's growth, it's a great way to keep updated on events. It's where most posts go out first. So, it's very, very instant news and traffic.

So, how do you get started? The traditional method, of which there are a ton of guides, training and everything out there, all revolve around one simple thing – finding influencers and following them in the hope that they're going to follow you back so that when you publish all your followers see your Tweets.  But I'm not going to talk about that. And I'm also not going to talk about Twitter advertising, although it is something we're looking into quite deeply at the moment.

What I want to talk about is hashtags. Hashtags are hugely undervalued and underused. People are searching on Twitter for hashtags every single day. So, you've got to almost view it as a search engine and view your hashtags as keywords. But how do you know if your hashtag actually has search volume?

What you need to do is you need to go to a product called It's by a guy called Saul Fleischman. Saul will be on the show soon – I'm hoping to get an interview with him so we can go into more depth. The principle is that Rite Tag monitors all the hashtags going out in Twitter, so you can have a view on how often hashtags are being searched on and also whether they're overused. Because if they're overused, then your Tweet's just not going to appear in any search. So, you kind of have to get the balance right.

Rite Tag has a really good way of showing that data to you by using a traffic light-style scheme – you know, red-green. Green for go, obviously.  What you can do is just go there right now. You can type in something like "software." It'll come back and show me traffic for "software" but it might suggest that most people are searching on "development" and use that instead. So, I can decide to use "development" as a hashtag and it will show me how many Tweets are published per day for that specific hashtag. So, I can put together a group of three or four hashtags in my Tweet and I know that Tweet is then going to get traffic even though I've got no followers whatsoever. It's quite a nice little technique to add into your armory for traffic for your content.

So, the takeaway's from this is, firstly, use Twitter if you're not already. Use hashtags to get the right traffic.  And three, use Rite Tag to find the right hashtags to use and put them in every Tweet so that each Tweet gets a lot more value and a lot more traffic than it would do normally.

So, I hope you found that useful. And if you have not yet signed up to become a Disruptware Member then you can do so here.


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