Below is a list of all the resources that have been recommended in the blog posts. This gives you quick access to everything in one place. Enjoy!

Recommended Reading

1. The Lean Startup  - Compulsory reading

2. Running Lean - Practical way to implement lean principles.

3. Lean Canvas - Map out your business plan in a high effective way and test whether it will work

4. 4 Steps to Epiphany - Steve Blank.  (must read)

Just a few blogs I follow

Paul Graham
Intercom Blog
Trumps Theory
Noah Kagan

David Skok
Jason Cohen


Where To Find Developers

1.  -  (Best)

2. Odesk

Wireframing Tools

1. Balsamiq  (Best)
2. Mockingbird

PHP Frameworks & Other Tools

1. CodeIgniter / EllisLab -
2. CakePHP -
3. Yii PHP Framework -
4. Twitter Bootstrap -
5. CKEditor -
6. CodeCanyon -
7. Amazon Simple Storage API Documentation -

Project Management & Communication

1. Asana (for when you just starting)

2. JIRA (For when you are serious)

3. Slack now replaces skype for our internal communication

4. Intercom is our main tool for insight and feedback from our customer base in Kudani

(I have used JIRA since it launched.. and its by far the best PM/Bug Tracker on the market)
2. Skype -

Podcast Intro's & Outro's

Ian Sturgeon from Intro Machine -