On just about every marketing blog that discusses anything online - there is a post about headlines.  It doesn't seem to matter what you are doing, publishing or emailing about - the headline is fundamental to clicks, traffic and conversion.

With so many posts on this topic - I wanted a tool that could help me created these instantly.  Something that is there at my fingertips so I could take a title and make it awesome.  Or take a boring keyword and make it eyecatching, cool and magnetic.

Lets say I am writing about beef jerky (yes sadly its close to my heart).  A title about beef jerky could be boring like 'All about Beef Jerky' .. or it could be:

  • Beef Jerky Demystified
  • Beef Jerky Secrets You Wish You Knew One Year Ago
  • 10 Easy Beef Jerky Lessons
  • 3 Facts You Need to Know About Beef Jerky
  • 5 Minute Beef Jerky Quiz

the list goes on.  In fact I developed over 200 templates like this by inserting a keyword into an eyecatching title.

What I then did is take the technique and create a browser plugin that works on Chrome or Firefox - so you can access this tool at your fingertips.

Why a browser plugin?  The reason is even though it could work as a plugin or desktop app - writing headlines is something you do in all areas of marketing.  It could be sales copy - it could be an email - it could be a blog post.  The hassle of finding your app or logging into an online tool would slow everything down.  For this to work and for people to actually use it - it had to be 'always on'.  This is why a browser plugin is ideal.  Its always there in your environment.

Here's a demo



Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.  It launches on May 6th.  If you are interested promoting - please email me.




Published by Paul Bannister

Software entrepreneur with a background in SaaS startups. I was Chief Technology Officer and latterly responsible for customer success for a selection of software startups. Now I run a community for software entrepreneurs called disruptware.com