Listen To Your Own Advice

KudaniCloud launched privately via webinar last week.  Why via webinar?.. why not open it wide?  So before I explain why..let me tell you whats been happening in the last few months. With the disruptware podcast doing so well last – I found myself enthused in the process, connecting with entrepreneurs and learning about their stories. […]

Lessons From The Failure of Vinay Patankars First Startup Could Make Process.St The Next Killer SaaS

Vinay Patankar, the founder of Process Street, a new SaaS startup, discusses the lessons learnt from his first startup failure, why Process Street solves a big itch for any business that needs to scale.  We discuss why its important to focus on product feedback and validation, get traction (new customers) and focus on the user […]

How To Accelerate Your Software Project

I want to talk about accelerating your application with ready-made code that’s already done for you. Now at the very basic level you’ve probably heard me talk about PHP as an example programming language which you can use. Well, together with PHP you can also use PHP frameworks. And those frameworks are things like CodeIgniter, CakePHP and one called Yii and a whole load of others.

How To Design

How to design Video Transcript: Paul: Hi, it’s Paul Clifford from Disruptware. In today’s session what we’re going to talk about is how to create a design. It’s the most common question, “How do I get that idea out of my head and into the head of my developer or my technical team?” The key things […]