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Paul:  Hi. It' Paul Clifford from Disruptware and today I want to talk about accelerating your application with ready-made code that's already done for you.

Now at the very basic level you've probably heard me talk about PHP as an example programming language which you can use. Well, together with PHP you can also use PHP frameworks. And those frameworks are things like CodeIgniter, CakePHP and one called Yii and a whole load of others. What these frameworks do is they provide a lot of the legwork for building these applications and they handle things like database management, caching, permissions, internationalization. Often they provide something called CRUD. CRUD stands for 'Create, Read ,Update and Delete', which is basically the four essential features that any sort of object or person within an application needs. PHP and frameworks are great ways to accelerate your application.

Another thing you can look at is on the user interface side using something like Twitter Bootstrap. Twitter Bootstrap again is another framework for implementing user interface. What's really cool is it uses a consistent language and consistent templates to enable you to do that. And so not only does it really look great, but it's also easy to maintain and build upon in the future and instantly you have a very up-to-date modern looking application just by implementing that framework alone.

Lastly there's one other way, which you can accelerate your application and that is by looking outside of those consistent commercial frameworks. That is look at the Open Source World. Look at open source applications or modules or tools that might perform part of what your main application needs to do.

For example, perhaps you want to include an editor in your application, well, there are companies out there who provide Open Source versions of the editor. But what they also do is they can license that to you commercially. For a small price you can actually buy a commercial license to use their code in your application. So you get full ownership of it, but your leap frog a big module of development which you don't have to do yourself.

Other places to look are things like CodeCanyon and CodeCanyon is a big  library of ready built modules and applications and frameworks which you can buy and license directly from the developer and build that in to your application as well.

I hope that's given your several ideas and methods that you can use to leap frog and accelerate your development and get it out  to your customers as soon as possible. This is Paul Clifford from Disruptware.


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