Paid Traffic Expert Justin Brooke Shares His System For Making Traffic Profitable

On today’s show I’m going to introduce you to Justin Brooke, who’s kind of a paid traffic expert. He is the founder of IMScalable an agency that specializes in paid traffic management.

Travis Ketchum On Building Massive Leads Through Contest Domination

On today’s show we’re going to talk to Travis Ketchum, who is the founder of a company called Contest Domination. And Contest Domination is a SaaS app that enables you to create contests on your website to get thousands of leads.

Saul Fleischman Develops A Unique Way To Optimize Hashtags With RiteTag

On today’s show I’m delighted to welcome Saul Fleishman. Saul is the founder of a company called RiteTag. And RiteTag is a company that optimizes your social traffic all around hashtags. It allows you to fully optimize your hashtags so that you get the highest benefit.

Rob Burns Creates Groundbreaking Press Release Company prReach From A Market Vulnerability

On today’s show we’ve got Robert Burns who is the founder and CEO of a company called prREACH. It’s a highly successful online press release company. Not only do they publish and syndicate press releases to tier one syndication networks.

Brand New App Survey-2-Sale Already Doubling Conversions

On today’s show I have a young gentleman called Trevor Page who’s joining me to talk about his new start up which is called Survey-2-Sale. It’s an amazing little app and I’m not going to go into great detail. I’m going to let Trevor explain it to you. Essentially it’s a tool that really increases the sales on any website, right?

MIT, Y Combinator And A Series Of Startups Sparks Innovation For Austin NeuDecker’s Latest Venture Membright

Today, I have Austin Neudecker on the show and Austin is an ex-MIT grad. He’s been in Y Combinator, he’s a serial entrepreneur and heavily involved in the San Diego startup scene. He’s recently launched a new product called Membright. And it’s a fascinating piece of software that runs on the mobile platform.

Simple And Compelling Is Digital Telepathy’s Winning Formula To Ground Breaking Design

Chuck Longanecker is the founder of Digital Telepathy. This company’s design ethos is behind some of the most ground breaking companies and personalities on the web today. He shares some amazing insights on the show.

Two Dollar Trial And Referral Program Has Led To 24,000 Users For 22Social

Rene Banuelos and Jerry Rocco founders of 22Social recorded live from the Disruptware resort. We’re digging deep into their product as well as revealing some real insights into what they are doing to rapidly grow user acquisition.

Al Bsharah’s Passion And Love For What He Does Translates Into A Big Win For Embarke

On today’s show, I’m really excited to introduce someone called Al Bsharah who is the founder of a company called Embarke, which is all about email marketing and optimizing open rates and click throughs.

Lars Lofgren Shares His Strategies And Tactics To Grow KISSmetrics

Today, I want to introduce you to Lars Lofgren who’s the growth manager for KISSmetrics. Now Lars is purely responsible for all the numbers on getting people through the front door. So everything in terms of optimization, conversions, the number of leads and all the metrics around that from the marketing team.