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monetize opensource software

How To Monetize OpenSource Software

Today I’m going to answer a question that I had from a customer. Is it possible, ethical and feasible to take a piece of OpenSource software and sell that as your own? How can I monetize that? And, of course, you can do it, but you can’t do it directly against the software license because it is OpenSource.

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free traffic strategies

Growth Hacking 5 Free Traffic Strategies

Today is Growth Hacking Day and I want to give you five strategies or tips to get free traffic to your business. Let’s get started with number one. First of all, one thing that you can do is make your training videos accessible to the public and that has really two benefits. First of all, by SEO optimizing your training videos then you’re going to get some more long tail traffic.

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reasons for startup failure

The 5 Reasons For Startup Failure

Entrepreneurs get too emotionally involved, and you know what it’s really easy to do. It’s inbred basically. As an entrepreneur, you are massively enthusiastic about your creation. You have an idea and you think, “That’s it. I’m going to go and conquer this market and build my idea and just sell it,” of course, but it’s the wrong way to think about a product. What you really need to do is find the problem and provide the solution.

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wireframe with Balsamiq

How To Wireframe With Balsamiq

How to wireframe with balsamiq Video Transcript: Paul: Hi.  It’s Paul Clifford and today I want to talk about wireframing with Balsamiq. Balsamiq is an online and a desktop-based wireframing tool.  There are lots of wireframing tools out there.  I want to just take you through the process really of just getting a wireframe done […]

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speed up your project

How To Accelerate Your Software Project

I want to talk about accelerating your application with ready-made code that’s already done for you. Now at the very basic level you’ve probably heard me talk about PHP as an example programming language which you can use. Well, together with PHP you can also use PHP frameworks. And those frameworks are things like CodeIgniter, CakePHP and one called Yii and a whole load of others.

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growing with api

Growing Your Business Using APIs

Growing your business using APIs Video Transcript: Paul: Hi. It’s Paul Clifford from Disruptware and I just want to talk about the four ways of increasing your revenue and growing your business using APIs. Now an API stands for an ‘Application Programming Interface’ and essentially all it is – is a way of two different applications […]

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how to design

How To Design

How to design Video Transcript: Paul: Hi, it’s Paul Clifford from Disruptware. In today’s session what we’re going to talk about is how to create a design. It’s the most common question, “How do I get that idea out of my head and into the head of my developer or my technical team?” The key things […]

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