Video Transcript:

Paul: Hi there, it’s Paul Clifford from Disruptware again. And today I want to talk about a really hot site that’s recently come out called

So is a creation by a guy called Samuel Hulick, and Samuel is a user experience (UX) designer. And what he has done is created what’s called "teardowns" of really good products. So that he can analyze what the user experience is for people who are signing up for these products.

Now as you know once you buy something and commit to something and you go for the sign-up or what they call the onboarding process, it's that emotional feel good factor that makes you become their loyal follower, their evangelist. You are more likely to recommend it to someone else or think, ‘Hey, this is just plain cool and I’m really pleased that I pressed the buy button.’

So that whole UX experience is really, really critical to get right. So what Samuel has done is taken some of the really successful companies like Evernote, like Buffer, like WhatsApp, Optimizely,  Quora, there is a whole list of them. And what he has done from a UX perspective is gone through the sign-up process, gone through like what they’ve done really, really well, and then put his way of doing it if he was in charge basically, or done some subtle critiques of things that they could improve from his point of view. It’s really good education, it’s a free site, just go and take a look and I’ll think you’ll find it really, really valuable.

Teardown is basically like reverse engineering. And what he is doing is reverse engineering really successful sign-up processes for the benefit of the whole community. And of course, Samuel is a UX guy, and I’m sure he would love to connect with you too.

So I hope you found that useful. Leave a comment below if you enjoyed that video and let us know how you are getting on with your startup. This is Paul Clifford from Disruptware.

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