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software startupBuilding software is easier than ever before.

There are even movements like Code Academy and Programmr that encourages CEO's to get techie and start learning.  It's true that it pays to know something about tech.  It empowers you as the CEO to challenge and question the development and ensure your delivery is going to happen.  But.. as great as these courses are.. at the end of the day you are a CEO.  Not a programmer.  You need to run your business...not be 'in it'.  So the challenge is actually knowing enough as to what's achievable, capable and being in a strong position to challenge and question...yet still get the legwork done by someone else.

Because software is faster to build than ever before...

You need to be in the market quickly.  You need to be there first (if possible).  Which means gets the concept out of your head and into a developers head as quickly as possible.  It's a lot simpler than people make out.  Programmers are used to dealing with less than perfect designs.  In fact it's better to get something 'not quite' there to them.. than to sit in 'analysis - paralysis' hell.  Tha'ts not to say that you should rush it.. and send over something on the back of a matchbox.  No - the fact is you still need to spend time thinking through your design, wire framing it.. and ensure it's accurate enough to get a good estimate, so you can get your MVP (minimum viable product) or your V0.1 out of the door.

So disruptware is all about enabling CEO's, marketers, entrepreneurs...anyone to get their initial vision into code and into a prospects hands, so you can get immediate feedback.  Does it solve a real problem?  Will it sell?  Does it work?  Is it useless?  Will it make money?  Will it scale?  How many other prospects will grab this?  All these questions can only really be answered when you get something physical up and running, as quickly and as cheaply as possible.

This is what this site, training and community (coming soon) will help you achieve.



  • Paul,

    Great idea for a new site and community, and I wish you all the best.

    I would like to point out that, while most tech CEOs are not programmers, some of the best in the business were. Bill Gates is a good example. So, it would serve the community well to address these people, too.

    I have developed software for multiple business ventures that I started. In several cases, it was my ability to successfully design, develop and write patents for my ideas that allowed the business to get off the ground.

    Good luck!


    • Hi David

      For sure we will cater for tech Entrepreneurs too, especially with regard to scaling and marketing. Its harder to cater for non-tech’s hence the initial focus.

      thanks for the feedback.