growth hack

10 Growth Hacks to Accelerate Your SaaS

Today I want to give you 10 growth hacks that really work. This collection of growth hacks comes from Thomas Schranz who’s the CEO of a company called Blossom.IO. I’ve taken his ideas and expanded it to make it relative to my audience, but I think these things really, really work.

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naming your product

How To Name Your Product

Today I’m going to be talking about how to name your product or even company. Firstly, don’t go crazy about finding a name, and by that I mean a lot of people go spend weeks on this thing. And they do surveys, they go and run contests and spend lots of money on a branding agency.

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productize customer requests

Productize Don’t Customize

Never ever customize your product, always productize. So here’s the situation you have your product out there, you’re an early stage startup and you’re starting to talk to a lot of customers and some really big enterprises are really interested in your solution.

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